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Friday, 16 January 2015

LotW: How to make learning Legends of the Wulin and managing new characters easy!

Anyway, I've been thinking quite a bit about some systems that I like, but lots of people find complicated (well, most of those that find them complicated still like them). As a matter of fact, I'm running Legends of the Wulin now, and it fits the description. But it seems hard to internalise for many people.
Now, that might be due to the different assumptions of the system. After all, most systems expect you to tell what you're doing, and then the character makes it happen, you roll to see how successful it is.
LotW is different. It assumes that in a fight you do whatever you have an opening for, and you roll to see what openings you've got. Well, it's more complicated than that, and much more flexible... but I already said it's complicated, right:)?

Or, I thought, it might be that most people do better with a visual aid. The abacus was invented for a reason.
However, there's no visual aid to help LotW players! (A glaring omission, if you ask me... as long as it's not mandatory, I'd like it. Explain the rules assuming no aid is being used, then present the aid).
So, what visual aid would I do? Why, something like the Warhammer 3, of course:D! (Well, I've never played Warhammer 3, but it's my impression that it works like that).

So, what's the biggest issue? Resource tracking. There are three kinds of resource in LotW that you manage on round-to-round basis, Joss, Dice, and Chi!
With that in mind, let's imagine what a visual aid should hold.

First, you have an area where you put your Lake dice.
Second, another Lake area, in case you need to roll more than once (say, like being attacked by two persons).
Third, you have an area for chits or chips in 8 different colours (usually one, but basically never more than 3 are in use together). There you put chits, representing your Chi points. If you want to get fancy, label them Enlightened, Normal, Corrupt, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire (with Normal having the most space).
Last but not least, you have an area for your River dice, and a dice cup for spare dice (you need to keep your Lake dice constant, even after you take from them to fill your River - this fits with the concept of opportunities used and unused). You might have a sliding ruler on the side to remind you what actions are possible, since you can't Wash after you Flood.
We can add a place where you keep a stack of cards, too. If you're putting your Internal techniques on cards, you can "play" them, and then put them back to that place.

And that's all! But it would help the learning curve immensely, I suspect.
Now, can you make an app like that? Sure you can, and it would help even more! But let's not get fancy.